About us

Mbonge Human Capital is a BEE based Recruitment and Training Development Consulting Agency established in 2012 (herein referred as MHC). It specializes in Recruitment of Temporary, Contract and Permanent employees. Mbonge Human Capital is a new registered name of two Companies that have merged – Nathi Staffing Services and VCX CIPRET.

MHC is a consultancy that specializes in assisting Human Service Agencies. We offer a tailored and proficient training, policy education and research services. We examine issues of concern in depth and have specialized in training and research which looks at the demand for potential success of social development projects. We are interested in working for Government, Local Government, Peak Bodies, Private Organizations, NGO’s, Voluntary Organizations and Community Organizations as well as the Private Sector. We strengthen an organization’s ability to identify and solve problems and guide our client’s efforts to develop continuous improvement strategies.

Our training and research skills as well as method are appropriate to a wide range of subjects and are adaptable in response to diverse briefs and users. We work in partnership with our clients to create the unique processes they need to build ownership and make sure the organization’s people and system work together towards common goals.

MHC is non – discriminatory as to colour or creed and maintains the highest professional standards in all aspects of its business.

MHC is affiliated to the Association of Personnel Services Organization (APSO), and abides by their codes of conduct.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred Recruitment Consultancy and Human Resources Training provider of every major employer in the nine provinces Our vision for research and training revolves around two principles: CUSTOMER – DRIVEN OUTREACH & QUALITY FOCUSSED research and training. We are determined to reach out to all that require our services in an unprecedented way, to listen to their needs, to report these needs and suggest appropriate initiatives to help develop and bring about effective change.